Whats New

Dennys Management System


Purchase Orders

  • Po numbers can be manually changed retrospectively.

  • Dxf links can be deleted from the Purchase order page

  • Job Notes notification from Purchase order page 

  • Item level search in Goods receival using Ctrl + Enter

Action Center

  • A purchase order can be viewed directly from the action center by right clicking on the selected line

  • Lines status marked as complete automatically when actioned accordingly in Purchasing

Time Recording

  • Job time recording for Quoted ,F-Job and MRP through the Production module

  • Site Crew job hours can be entered by the Production module.

  • Bug fix on Painting and Pressing modules


  • A new module "Entries" replaces the "SQL input tool"

Employee List

  • New employee list can be accessed by "Lists" tab


  • Recording attendance via Key Fobs



  • Theme and layout of home tab

  • Bug fixes on memory lag


  • Add Header tracking line button available in the Production module to be able to capture costs to the header level for items not specified in the quote.

Purchasing Module

  • "Show Completed Jobs check box" added to Purchase Module to show jobs that have been marked as completed but still awaiting pending bills

  • Running Totals of account  YTD and MTD to keep track of budget

  • Live captured cost on item level by tacking number 

Purchasing Admin Console

  • Automatic check for price variance between inventory and price entered on purchase order for each line item.

Landed Cost Module

  • Updated Landed cost module to suit new inventory layout

Coming Soon

  • Interactive reporting

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